Staffordshire bull terriers and children

Staffordshire bull terriers and children

The Staffordshire Bull Terrier is an old English dog breed. Bulldogs and terriers are considered its ancestors. This is a popular dog breed in England. And with a very good reason! The Staffie is known to bring many beautiful qualities to its pet parent’s home such as undying loyalty, courage, intelligence and a dogged approach. However, no one comes close to what is perhaps the most endearing feature of this animal, namely that it is very gentle with children.

So much so that the British Kennel Club has designated this breed as safe for children. Many other dog breeds are good with children, but the fact that this breed gets the official seal of approval makes it special. Also noteworthy is the fact that the British Kennel Club defines this dog breed as completely reliable. Taken together, these two attributes mark this breed as special.

For many pet parents with children, their pet dog’s behavior with children is a cause for concern, and before bringing a puppy home, all potential dog owners who have children at home will invariably inquire about the dog’s behavior with children. Some dog breeds are known to be grumpy and not very patient with children. The Chihuahua, the Poodle, and the Siberian Husky are some dog breeds that fall into this category. The Bullmastiff and Border Collie are moderately good with children. The staff on the other hand are excellent with children.

Staffy will not turn around and bite a child if he pulls the dog’s tail. He is patient and can tolerate a lot of discomfort. Toddlers are notoriously difficult to control, for them an animal is a sweet and soft toy or companion. Your Staffordshire Bull Terrier will only get up to walk away from a child if he gets too naughty; that’s more than can be said for many dog ​​breeds.

Add to this the fact that Staffies can adapt to living in flats – all they need is their daily exercise – and you understand why this is such a popular breed in the UK. They adapt to children as well as other pets in the family.

Of course, it is not advisable to leave children with dogs, regardless of breed; supervised play is the best thing. Still, with a Staffie at home you know your child will pick up the virtues of pleasant patience from this beautiful dog breed.

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