Staffordshire Bull Terrier – Tips for managing a powerful dog

Staffordshire Bull Terrier – Tips for managing a powerful dog

Unlike most people, an untrained Staffordshire Bull Terrier or Pit Bull Terrier has no self-control and by nature will not back down in disagreements with other dogs. Anyone who LOVES dogs; they will HATE to see their pet fight and injure another dog or be injured in a fight! To prevent this, it is ESSENTIAL to start early – and control their aggressive side!

Here are some general guidelines that will make life smoother for you and your dogs:

1) Females are less aggressive than males.

2 ) Although you can safely house females together – do NOT even attempt to house 2 males unless they are always separated!

3) Neutering your dogs can help prevent aggression, but is not a guarantee.

4) Control ALL aggression – instantly – and do so from just 3 weeks old! It’s best to be firm and consistent about this, please don’t beat the dog! Once you get a dog to obey you out of respect, you have established “pack leader” dominance. Your dog will settle into its correct place faster.

5) Unless you have complete control over your dog – do not let him off-leash in places where other dogs or small children run free. Although Staffordshires are known to be very good with children, they are powerful animals that can easily knock a child down – a child’s panic or screams can upset the dog – or at the very least be interpreted by the child’s parents as aggression from your dog.

6) If you have more than one dog – always feed them together – and get them used to it; but ALWAYS monitor feeding and stop any food fights that may occur.

7) Train your dog – Obedience training is excellent, but at least train the basic commands, including Come, Stay and Sit.

Staffordshire bull terriers and pit bulls are among the most responsive dogs. With proper and positive training, you WILL control the aggressive nature of your dogs that WE PEOPLE have instilled in them! Once you master this side of the dog, you will find that these dogs are among the most affectionate dog breeds! They actively demonstrate a need for affection and close contact – which improves your bond with your dog or dogs! Become one of the bull terrier converts!

Steve Gaskin

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