Spiritual guidance for constructive teamwork

Spiritual guidance for constructive teamwork

As godly leaders, we all have the responsibility to be truly responsible and responsive in our lives.

1. Honor the leadership given to the leader by God:

Here we must be careful not to idolize the Leader. We have a tendency to like and follow a particular leadership style of our choice, but this tendency should not allow us to disparage another leadership style that we do not like. In this case, we can generate clashing leadership clans within the same group/organization. By honoring a leader, we are actually honoring the Leadership anointing of God upon the respective Leader. It does not matter if the leader is younger than us in age, experience, education, social status, skills, etc. or not, the Leader is the Leader after all.

2. Crystal clear communication is required between all individuals on the team:

We must not leave any chance for resentments/grievances to be stored so as not to cause repeated damage within the group. Whenever there is any indifference/discord, it should be clearly communicated and the necessary solution should be sought at the earliest for harmony and orchestration.

3. Understanding that different leadership styles complement each other and benefit the team:

Leaders / leadership styles may differ, but in general they should not oppose each other to such an extent that it causes the team to break up.

4. Let us honor one another’s Qualities: Gifts, talents, anointing, perspective, dignity, etc. are a gift from God. We may not agree, accept, vouch for, support each other’s opinion always, but it is always important to listen carefully, give importance and consider the other’s opinion.

5. Non-compliance with commitments by the Leader or any team member is quite natural:

As we are all human beings – it is obvious that we will fail often. It is important for us to analyze, correct and cover each other in the team (including the Leaders) and not to blame, judge or criticize others. We should always strive to cover someone else’s shame.

6. Everyone, including Leaders, should be open to “Criticism for Development and Constructive Criticism”:

For the long-term benefit of the team, we all (including Leaders) must be open to development-oriented critical analysis. At the same time, we must be careful enough to see that this does not become an opportunity for anyone to disgrace, disrespect or humiliate others. We must not forget that we are ALL created in the image and likeness of God.

Although there are no such hard and fast rules for spiritual leadership, we still need to be very careful in our lives as spiritual leaders

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