Silly string – tips and tricks for using this party favorite

Silly string – tips and tricks for using this party favorite

Since its inception in 1970, silly string has become synonymous with birthdays, festivals and other festive events. Available at most party stores, the fun canister comes in a variety of colors and is fired through an aerosol can. Whether you’re using it for a surprise birthday party or letting the kids go wild with it, here are some tips and tricks to keep in mind when using this party favorite.

  • When first sprayed, the silly string is flexible and can stick to almost any surface. Once you spray it on, the brightly colored mess can be easily removed with a simple wipe. Once it dries, it can become more difficult to remove.
  • If using outdoors, avoid spraying near, near or around cars. The dye in the string can potentially stain or damage the cars paint.
  • To remove dried strings from a car, use WD40 or a similar solvent that can dissolve and remove neon residue without damaging the car.
  • If a little is accidentally sprayed onto a fabric (such as clothing or upholstery) from a distance of two feet or less, it may leave a stain, so avoid spraying it directly.
  • Use vinegar or a commercial stain remover to remove a stain on clothing or upholstery.
  • For Halloween or other events held at night or in dark places, glow in the dark silly string is the perfect party. Glow in the dark boxes work best under black lights.
  • Invent new games using silly strings, or play classic favorites like tagging the victim with the brightly colored spray or capture the flag using a string.
  • Silly string is the perfect way to entertain and celebrate certain holidays. For example, instead of throwing confetti, spray them during the New Year’s Eve countdown or have an outdoor war with them at your annual Fourth of July barbecue.

Silly string is a great way to be festive, but there are lots of other great products that can turn an ordinary party into a totally hilarious party!

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