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Sese Islands – Uganda’s main destination

Sese Islands – Uganda’s main destination

The Sese Islands are about 12,000 years old and according to the Buganda culture they are called the Islands of the Gods. Traditionally, all Buganda kings were supposed to visit the islands and pay homage to the “Baluubale” gods whose shrines were located and built on the islands, with Bukasa Island being the home of Musisi; the spirit of Earthquakes and Vanema; spirit of physical infirmities. While Bubembe Island is home to Mukasa; the spirit of Lake Victoria also traditionally called “Nalubaale”.

The 84 main islands located northwest of Lake Victoria vary in size and activities, with some being small and deserted while others are large and densely populated. They are hilly and densely forested, maintaining a secluded and peaceful atmosphere, creating the perfect destination for relaxation, sport fishing and bird sanctuary.

The individual islands, which can be reached either via Nakiwogo in Entebbe, Masaka to Bukakata Ferry, OR by charter flight to Bukasa Island with an airstrip, are experiencing a renaissance in tourism; is increasingly becoming a popular tourist destination in Uganda.
The ferry departs from Bukakata at 0800, 1100 and 1700 and departs from Bugala landing at 1000, 1430 and 1800 from Monday to Saturday, the journey taking 45 minutes. Transport from Kampala to Masaka is by private hire car, taxi or bus and you can hire a speedboat from Entebbe to the islands.

Bugala Island is the largest, stretching over 200 km and measuring 43 km from east to west and home to Kalangala District headquarters, while Bukasa Island, the second largest island, has several activities including forest walks with primate viewing at various monkey species such as the Vervet, Bush-Buck and Black and White Colobus Monkey, sport fishing especially for Nile Perch, endemic species of cats and butterflies, beautiful island walks on white sand beaches and rainforests, boat trips to other islands, rich birdlife including waterfowl and forest birds including redfinches, weavers, turacos, brown-throated bird’s-eye, hornbills, barbets, etc., Beach activities such as cycling, swimming, canoeing, volleyball, etc., visits of Speke’s Fort, built in 1962, fishing villages, a bat cave with thousands of bats and visits to palm and pineapple farms.

Bugala, Bufumira and Bukasa, the inhabited islands, have many established accommodation facilities, including luxury lodges as well as campsites to suit most tastes and budgets. Mirembe Resort has a large number of rooms as well as a camping site. Pearl Gardens Beach has Hornbill Campsite, Ssese Beach Hotel has 18 villas and a detached house with 2 family villas and 3 triple rooms. Islands club has luxurious wooden lodges in a cool atmosphere, Panorama budget lodge with a beautiful garden; the Palm Beach Hotel has villas and a sleeping tent. On Bukasa Island, Agnes Guesthouse offers accommodation with a pleasant view. The sites have outdoor restaurants for food and drinks.

The Sese Islands are peaceful, with more than ethnic tribes and languages. They offer crystal clear lakes, beautiful rainforests, beautiful beaches and here you can discover the wild romantic Africa of your dreams with warm and welcoming people, in a land waiting to be discovered… You couldn’t ask for more in an exotic holiday destination!

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