Secular bracelets

Secular bracelets

Just because you’re not a world traveler doesn’t mean you can’t dress like one. Bracelets are an easy way to add a little style and interest to any outfit. With styles inspired by many different countries and cultures, you can elevate any look with bracelets that are colorful and fun.

Leather Bracelets – Heavily favored by bohemian chic designers, leather bracelets are a great way to look effortlessly fashionable. From braided bracelets to chunky leather cuffs, these pieces look great new or worn. Pair them with neutrals or bright colors for fall. Add a pair of leather boots and a great hobo bag and you have a winning combination. And yes, it’s okay to mix and match different skins and multiple bracelets.

Beaded Bracelets – These accessories are fantastic for brightening up an otherwise innocuous outfit. Choose bracelets with rich shades for fall. For example, you can choose a palette of fall colors such as maroon, orange, golden yellow and olive green. Or go for something more regal with royal blue, deep purple and ruby ​​red. One of these bracelets is all the jewelry you need.

String and Rope Bracelets – Sometimes you want to wear the same bracelet day after day. With string bracelets, they are light enough that you won’t even remember you’re wearing them. You can find some great Asian inspired bracelets with bright colors and signature elements like jade and charms.

Cuff Bracelets – While statement necklaces have recently stolen the limelight, statement chunky cuff bracelets are also a great way to grab attention. Instead of the beautiful polished look, choose pieces that use hammered, unpolished or etched metal. If you shop around, you can find some unique designs inspired by Spain, India and Ireland that are as beautiful as they are meaningful.

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