Sammy and the new baby

Sammy and the new baby

Debut author Sue Gilligan-Hannon introduces readers to her two adorable golden doodles, Sammy and Lula, in her new book, Sammy and the New Baby, the first in a planned series of books that tackle topics common to young families.

Sammy is a very, very happy dog ​​who just loves and adores his family. He can go on long walks with his dad and go on car rides with his mom where he can stick his head out the window and enjoy all the great smells as they approach. And probably Sammy’s favorite pastime is eating. He eats from his dog bowl, he eats from the kitchen table, he eats from… just food.

There are so many fun things Sammy does with his family, like playing ball, taking naps in the sun, and oh yeah, did I mention he loves to eat? Life is good for Sammy – he loves his family and knows they all love him.

One day strange things show up in the house – a baby door, a new food bowl, a blanket, a ball… wait a minute, that doesn’t look good on Sammy. The cute golddoodle is then horrified to discover a new puppy in the house. How can his family get another dog? And what’s worse is that his entire family seems completely smitten with Lulu, the new puppy.

Author Gilligan-Hannon has written a delightful story about welcoming a new baby into the family. Instead of showing the usual reactions of a small child to a newborn, the author tells her story through the eyes and thoughts of a dog. Kids will be easily drawn into the story of Sammy, who suddenly feels like his family has forgotten about him after the new puppy arrives. The illustrator, Morgan Spicer, has done a fantastic job of creating two very cute dogs that help capture the imagination and are likely to delight children. Children will fall in love with Sammy and Lulu and learn that having a new baby doesn’t mean they will be forgotten by their family, instead they will realize that a new brother or sister can bring a lot of fun. And Sammy’s discovery, at the end of the story, of the trouble, uh…fun he and Lula can get into, will make kids laugh.

Quill says: Welcoming a new baby into the family can be a challenging and stressful time, but Sammy and Lulu are ready and eager to help ease the transition with their adorable new story, Sammy and the New Baby.

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