Right with your costume accessories

Right with your costume accessories

Fantastic costumes go hand in hand with accessories. In fact, there are some outfits that cannot be completed without the right accessories. Accessories complete the look and even make it easier for people in the party to know which character you’re playing. With so many accessory options available today, there’s a need to make sure you do it every time.

Shoes and feet – Some costumes come complete with shoes and boots, saving you from having to start looking for the right shoes and feet to work with the outfit. However, even when looking at what your costume has, you want to make sure that your feet and shoes are comfortable to wear during the party. The fact is, some may be too big or too tight, too hot or too tall for your taste. In case you are not comfortable in the shoes or do not feel flexible enough in your feet, consider the options to replace them with what you are more comfortable in. The fact is that it is difficult to break a suit, ie. because you have made changes to the shoes or feet it originally came with.

Masks – Some of the suits will not work without a mask. A good example is Zorro’s themed masquerade costume, which may lose its impact without the trademark mask. When choosing masks, be sure to consider your visibility behind them. The best mask should play its part, but still offer you good visibility. Also, you don’t want to take the mask off every time you want to talk or eat. It is recommended to choose masks that offer good space around the eyes, nose and of course next to the mouth. You should also make sure it’s not too tight or too hot, especially if you’ll be wearing it all day.

Glitter and paint – They make amazing mask options as they are easy to make and wear. When choosing though, make sure you paint it right to complete the look. You don’t want to look like a dog when your intentions were to look like a cat for example. It’s also important to choose paint and glitter that are safe to use on your skin. Always ask about the ingredients they are made from and how safe they are for your skin.

Wands and swords – They are part of the accessories that should be kept for most of the party. However, you should think about how it is possible to arrange them when the need arises, then put them away later to keep them. For example, it can be difficult to hold your party treats or food with a stick or sword, and a suit with a section where you can safely place the stick or sword to give flexibility to your arms can be an amazing choice. Such a feature is not only convenient, but also ensures that your items stay safe with you.

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