Review of Barrington Fiberglass Front Doors by Masonite

Review of Barrington Fiberglass Front Doors by Masonite

Builders, remodelers and homeowners are constantly looking for the best building materials to use in houses with durability, appeal and longevity in mind. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and you wouldn’t want your shelter to fall apart faster than it takes to put it back together. The front door, the first most noticeable part of the house, is unfortunately also one of the most used and overexposed. This is a sore spot for the wood, which is prone to rotting, warping, warping and splitting. Door manufacturers are now playing cat and mouse with fiberglass and composite materials that can withstand changing weather conditions and daily wear and tear. Barrington fiberglass entry doors, the premium product collection of longtime door manufacturer, Masonite, are among the most highly regarded examples of smarter alternatives to wooden exterior doors.

Upon review, what emerges as the most appealing quality of Barrington doors is that they mimic authentic wood doors. Wood has been favored as a surface material for doors for good reason. It displays the kind of timeless craftsmanship you’ve come to love in traditional doors. Barrington’s fiberglass entry doors have a wood grain surface made to resemble real old hardwood doors. With a choice of oak or mahogany texture, this variable-depth wood grain finish shows how modern technology can come together in a clean, classic package. A second standout quality of Barrington doors is their custom craftsmanship. Fiberglass doors typically use plain glass inserts, but the Barrington line uses proprietary decorative glass in a range of designs that is factory-glazed using custom glazing compounds to be wider, with narrower posts and rails. Custom glass bezels are designed to line up properly with the panel.

In this sense, a composite material that is resistant to rot is used for the bottom rail, while the hinges and locking brackets are designed from laminated timber. A raised cornice is integrated into the face of the door to come as a unique piece rather than plant appliqu├ęs that detach from the door. All Barrington doors have a square edge design and a reinforced locking area to make a strong mounting surface.

While less scrupulous door manufacturers went for functional but not particularly attractive products, the Barrington brand did not neglect beauty. This is evident not only in the resemblance to traditional hardwood doors, but also in the designs designed to creatively cater to the high-end market. Barrington’s Sierra series of fiberglass doors go with Southwestern, Spanish or Mediterranean motifs. It features the first ever unglazed, opaque Barrington neck finish. It has a 2-panel top design and custom panel profile, with board options and matching full side panels. The Craftsman series is modeled after mission or Craftsman architecture. Three built-in panels and a one-lite glazing system are its other features, with the option of a matching one-panel, one-lite side panel.

Buyers quickly forget when considering the company behind the brand, which is especially important when buying a product that is expected to work well or last a long time. In this case, Barrington fiberglass entry doors as well as interior doors and interior doors are backed by the trusted name Masonite, based in Tampa, Florida. For a little history, founder William Mason was a researcher, engineer and inventor who innovated the use of wood to create building materials in 1924. Since then, Masonite has been manufacturing doors and building products for over 80 years and has one of the largest research and development centers for steel, composite, fiberglass and wood doors.

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