Retriever – 7 compelling reasons to own a Labrador

Retriever – 7 compelling reasons to own a Labrador

The Labrador retriever is one of the most popular dogs in the world. This popularity is due to some unique characteristics present in this breed. Labrador retrievers are known for their intelligence, gentleness and friendly demeanor. Although there are different dog breeds, the Labrador Retriever has an advantage over many other breeds due to 7 compelling reasons that I will try to shed light on in this article

Easy to train

Every dog ​​needs training if it wants to live as part of the family. Most dogs are difficult to train, but the Labrador breed requires less effort and energy to train. They are intelligent and relatively quick to learn. Therefore, fully and properly training a Labrador puppy requires less time and, as a result, less money.

Beautiful breed

Nothing compares to the beauty of a Labrador puppy. Their innocence, cheerfulness, body shape, beauty and temperament are irresistible to everyone. They are available in three basic colors: black, chocolate and yellow. The white and silver Labrador retrievers are the result of years of genetic manipulation.

Labradors are playful and very active

Labrador retrievers are a playful breed. They love to play with you, your kids and even your parents. They are extremely friendly and very cheerful. They love to play fetch different objects and you will never find them tired of this game. By nature, they are great swimmers and love outdoor activities. Having a huge amount of energy, a Labrador who does not get a minimum of 2 hours. the value of physical activity tends to become nervous.

The Labrador as a service dog

Because of their high intelligence as a breed, society has benefited from the services of Labrador retrievers in various fields. Labs are well known as ideal guide dogs for the blind. When trained properly, they make great watchdogs. They can hear the sound of a pin falling from a distance. Their sniffing ability is exceptional. Their services are known in finding missing people, recovering bodies after natural disasters and detecting various explosives and drugs.

Labrador as a great companion

If you see a man walking sadly down the street with his lab, you will see that his dog is also feeling sad. On the other hand, if a person is cheerfully walking their Lab, you will notice that their dog is also cheerful and playful. This shows that Labradors are ideal human companions; they are extremely attuned to their master’s feelings and react accordingly.

Labradors are perfect for children

The gentle temperament of the Labrador is unmatched by most other dogs. You can trust your trained Labrador to be extremely gentle with your children and to protect them. Labradors are very patient with children; they tolerate rough play, shoving and hair pulling by children in a very gentle way.

Labrador as an ideal show dog

When properly trained, Labradors can perform and compete with grace in any dog ​​show. Labradors have an exceptional body conformation that makes them easy to race. They perform well in various field trails and games. The Labrador competes quite successfully with other breeds, especially when it comes to obedience and intelligence.

Conclusion: We should thank nature for providing us with this wonderful breed. Labradors serve us in many ways: they guide the blind, rescue the wounded, guard our borders, bring us joy and provide security. Labradors make great companions and are great with children. A well-trained Labrador Retriever can be an ideal addition to any family, especially one with children.

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