Rabbit cages can be cramped quarters

Rabbit cages can be cramped quarters

Have you stuffed your pet rabbit into the equivalent of an 8 x 10 prison cell? Although there are many small rabbit cages on the market for sale, small cages should not generally be used as permanent “rabbit homes”. They should be primarily for short-term use. For example, you might have a small cage in the family room to protect your sticky-eared friend when you have guests over, but unless you have a very small breed rabbit, it shouldn’t be their primary residence.

A generally accepted rule of thumb is that your rabbit’s housing should be at least four (4) times the size your rabbit will be when fully grown, but this should be used as an absolute minimum. You will probably have other things in the cage: litter box, food bowl, water bottle, toys, etc. If the cage is only 4 times the size of your rabbit, by the time you add the other items, your beloved pet will basically have one place to sit or lie down. This is probably fine if your bunny usually roams freely around the house or in a large coop and only enters the cage to eat and rest. But if you keep your furry little friend in their cage for a long time, you will defiantly want to get a large cage or hutch.

While a large traditional cage is not cheap, usually over $100 for even the most basic model, they are usually much larger than a standard cage. They’re the perfect outdoor (and sometimes indoor) home for your carrot-crunching pet, and remember, you can always build a hutch yourself, much cheaper than you can on your own.

When thinking about the size of rabbit cage your pet needs, always consider “how big you are and how big your house is.”

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