Pros and cons of using a dog crate

Pros and cons of using a dog crate

A playpen or exercise pen is six to eight hinged panels that form an enclosed ring in which you can place your dog or other types of pets to spend some supervised time indoors or outdoors. Dog crates come in a variety of sizes and are made of steel wire, similar to wire dog crates, plastic, or the newer pop-up variety, which is similar to soft dog crates.

The advantages of owning and using an exercise crate is that they will help, as well as a dog crate, to speed up and simplify house training. You can always keep your training puppy close to you due to the portability of the exercise crate. You can put your puppy or dog in the crate while others are visiting, providing a good enclosure area other than the crate. A crate provides a safe, enclosed area for a puppy or dog to be outside instead of running around the backyard. The pens are lightweight and easy to put on, so they’re perfect for confined areas when traveling. The kennel area can be a good place for a recovering dog that needs to be confined while undergoing surgery or illness.

The disadvantages of using a dog exercise crate are due to portability. Kennels are light and portable, so they are not suitable for large breed puppies. Most are too small for larger dogs, in which case a kennel may be more appropriate. There are no anchors for these types of exercise pens. I guess you could get some u-shaped garden stakes to secure this well enough to keep it from moving.

If you have a reserved puppy or a small breed puppy, a dog playpen can be a very good alternative for you to let your dog get some exercise while you do some things around the house. These cages also work very well for other types of small pets, such as cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, etc. Some of the newer soft-sided playpens come with tops to provide a fully enclosed space.

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