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Pool Safety Basics

Pool Safety Basics

We’ve all heard that a responsible adult shouldn’t be more than an arm’s length away from small children when they’re in a pool. Makes sense, right? The adult can catch them if they sink and is with them to watch their every move. This is a great thing to practice, but of course there are many other things that will help keep children safe around your pool.

We start with a cover. If you have a cover, it should cover the entire pool and not have access to the water once deployed. However, watch out for water collecting on the cover and get rid of it quickly, as this in itself is a drowning hazard. Removable, removable solar covers are not considered pool covers and can have catastrophic circumstances if a small child falls on one that is on top of the pool.

Pool toys are colorful and fun, but once everyone is out of the pool, all the pool toys have to be out too. This stops children looking for a toy and finding it in the pool, trying to reach it and possibly falling. If the toys are on the grass, no worries. Another thing to remember is not to place any riding toys near the pool, children can climb and fall into the pool on the riding toy. These toys are not near the pool.

Speaking of pools, perhaps the biggest protective feature is the fence. It must be resistant to climbing and at least 4 feet tall. It should also cover the entire pool area and have a self-locking, self-closing gate, again one that cannot be climbed over. Pool fences made of metal links are super easy to climb, so you want one with side stats with no more than 4″ between each. The harder it is to climb, the better. as we want to keep children away from the entire area when the pool is t in use.

Supervision is key to pool safety, if you know where your children are you will know they are not in the pool area. Having rules from day one about not diving into a shallow pool and not running on the pool deck, and not placing anything electronic near the pool, will further teach your children about water safety. Take care and have fun!

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