Pit bulls with red noses

Pit bulls with red noses

No one knows for sure where medium-nosed pit bulls came from, or from which country for sure, but there are records that clearly show that the information we do know is that they came from a large part of Ireland. Red nose pit bulls are rare and extremely sought after because they are from something called the Old Family Red Nose strain and it is an extremely old strain. It is believed that the medium-nosed pit bull was panned for looks alone, of course the striking red nose, but also the red eyes, red lips and overall red toenails.

Rednose Pitbulls in North America

John Sullivan, once a famous boxer turned Boston police officer, came to the United States to fight in a world heavyweight championship from Ireland. Once in the US, he decided he would like to stay and began putting down roots. While doing this, he contacted his parents and had them ship his medium nose pit bulls from Ireland. This is the beginning of a business for John, because years later his experience and general knowledge of the old family of rednose pit bulls. He’s even been found and noted in pit bull history, and if you’re already a medium-nosed pit bull lover, his name is probably strikingly familiar to you. It was at this time that this “old family” dog was introduced to North America, and the strain is now fully established in the United States as well.

Pitbulls Fighting for Rights

That being said, pit bulls can be very nice pets as long as you teach them early on not to be aggressive, and in all likelihood, if you’re looking for a pit bull, you know a few things about their behavior patterns. It would be wise to seek professional advice, perhaps where you buy the dog, to raise a well-behaved dog that you can trust and not fear, but be aware that these dogs have gone through, that they had never done anything wrong in the way of aggression chewing on a three-year-old who walked past the fence in their yard. Choose your pets carefully and remember that a fight between two pit bulls is more dangerous than one.

Despite the myths you may hear, medium-nosed pit bulls are no more or less aggressive than any other type of pit bull, in fact they all have good and bad things in them, just like any other life. However, because of so much crossbreeding since those times, medium-nosed pit bulls appear in different pit bull breeds all the time.

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