Pheras – the culmination of an Indian wedding

Pheras – the culmination of an Indian wedding

A Hindu wedding culminates with the pheras (literally translated as circles or circles) around the sacred wedding fire. The completion of the feri is an announcement that the wedding has been solemnized and the couple is now man and wife.

Feris assume different proportions in each community, just like most wedding rituals in India due to the diversity of language and culture. While the Gujrats and Sindhis of Western India complete 4 pheras, most of the other Indian communities do seven. Before the beginning of the fera, the bride sits on the right side of the groom. After completing the fera, she sits on the left. This symbolizes that they are man and wife and that she is close to his heart. In Indian mythology, the goddess always sits to the left of God, be it Shiva and Parvati or then Ram and Sita. During pheras, the bride and groom are tied together with a dupatta or then with a piece of cloth.

Talking about several variations of Pheras, during an Arya Samaj wedding, the groom leads through the first 4 pheras and then the bride takes the front role for the balance three. It is believed that the wife will be the creator of the couples’ destiny. In a Sindhi wedding there are only 4 pheras with the husband going ahead in the first 3 rounds and then the bride in the last round. No weddings with less than 4 ferries. The pheras depict the 4 stages of married life – dharma, artha, kama and moksha.

After the pheres, the couple seeks the blessings of the elders before the vidaai takes place.

The pheras stand for seven promises, which are listed below:

1. Groom – You will prepare food, take care of the house and help me. I will love and care for you and our children. Bride – I will take care of the home and its duties and do my best for you and our children.

2. Groom – You and I together will protect our house and children – Bride – I will support you all the time and my happiness is in your well-being. You will love me and no one else.

3. Groom – We will look after our children who will live long. Bride – I will love only you and no one else.

4. Groom – I will respect you, sacred symbol, I treat you as my second half. The Bride – I will give you happiness and give you pleasure and satisfaction always.

5. Groom – You are my best friend and will always have my best interests in mind. Bride – I will be happy in your happiness and sad in your sadness. I will fulfill all duties and make sure all your wishes come true.

6. Groom – May you have joy, peace and luck – Bride – I will always be by your side.

7. Groom – now we are united as husband and wife, we are for each other forever Bride – I am yours forever and I promise this before God now.

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