Pet Training – Start young with pet products that dogs respond to

Pet Training – Start young with pet products that dogs respond to

If you’re bringing a new dog or puppy into your home, you’ll want to teach that new puppy a lot about how things work in your home and what you expect from them. Training a new puppy is very easy. Puppies generally want to please you and see you happy. So once you learn the tricks of the trade, you can make sure you know what you want them to know to keep you happy.

There are several tools you will need to conduct adequate training:

Leash and Collar – You will want to be able to control your puppy and work on these sit and stay training commands. This is much easier to do when you have your puppy on a leash and collar or harness if he pulls a lot as you can control where and when he moves like this and help reinforce what you are trying to learn That’s why this should be at the top of your list of pet supplies that dogs respond to.

Treats – Treats are the best way to teach your new puppy or dog what you want them to learn. These are pet products that dogs respond to beautifully most of the time. When it comes to training pet products, treats are probably the best thing you can come up with as all puppies and dogs love to be rewarded with treats. This is positive reinforcement. Consider offering a child a piece of candy every time he does what you want. You will probably have a perfectly behaved child in return. They will always do what you want if they know that candy is waiting for you.

Clicker – The next pet product that dogs react to that you may want to consider is a clicker. If you’ve ever seen any of the pet trainers that have shows on TV, they use a clicker that literally makes a clicking noise as a device to teach the pet to do something when it hears it. A certain number of clicks can mean a seat. A certain number can mean coming. Regardless, it’s a great device to let your pet know that you want his attention and want him to do something for you right away. It looks a lot like Pavlov without the bell.

Toys – Another of the more popular pet training products that dogs respond to are toys. Not all dogs want treats all the time; some of them like to play. Therefore, you may be able to just as easily use a favorite toy as a training device, and once your pet does something right, he can play with it for a while. This is actually how police dogs are trained. They are taught that if they find what they are looking for, which could be drugs, explosives, etc., then they will be rewarded with play time. If you’ve ever seen a police dog at work, you know that it’s willing to work as hard as it needs to find what it needs to find and get that toy in the end.

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