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Pet Grooming: The Use of Pet Dryers

Pet Grooming: The Use of Pet Dryers

A custom pet dryer can be an ideal choice for grooming your pet at home. This can save you a lot of time and money. In this guide, we will discuss several methods of drying your animal from the comfort of your home. Based on your convenience, you can stick to the right method. Let’s find out more.

1. Use air drying

Air drying is a convenient method for the owners of these animals, but it can be quite uncomfortable for your furry animals. It can also cause health problems such as fungal growth on your pets. Drying air can also cause skin irritation. Because of the irritation and discomfort, your pet may roll on the floor. Therefore, it may not be a suitable method.

2. Use towels

People usually use towels to dry their pets after a bath. The problem, however, is that many owners end up rubbing their dogs vigorously. Again, this causes tangling and skin irritation. Therefore, this method is not considered suitable for your dogs.

3. Use a hair dryer

This common household item can be a good choice for drying your dog at home. But the problem is that these devices make a lot of noise that can scare your cat or dog. Additionally, the hot air produced by these devices can cause skin burns.

Benefits of Using a Pet Dryer

You can choose from the methods listed above to groom your pet at home. But we suggest you try a pet dryer. Below are some of the benefits offered by these devices.

• Connection

Grooming your pets yourself will help create a stronger bond of love between you and your animal. As a result, you and your pet will stay happy, which is good for your health and the health of your fellow humans.

• Reduces stress

Unlike hair dryers, dog dryers do not generate much noise. Therefore, your dog will not be afraid while you are grooming him.

• Efficiency

The air emitted by the dryer is not too hot, as you can operate these devices at different speeds. So your cat won’t have a problem with loose hair after grooming.

• Saves time and money

A pet dryer can save you a lot of time and money since you won’t have to take your furry creature to a professional. There will be no travel costs or care fees that you will have to pay.

Dog dryers are the best alternative

Now let’s look at the steps you may want to follow to dry your pet at home. By following these steps, you can avoid common haircut mistakes.

• There should be a safe distance between you and your pet

• Gently dry your pet’s hair with a pet towel
• Set your dryer on low speed and keep increasing the speed gradually
• There is no reason to be aggressive while trimming your pet’s coat
• As positive reinforcement, offer something to your pet at the end of the grooming job

Use forced drying

If you need a reliable pet dryer, you can check out XPOWER’s B-53 and/or B-55 Pet Dryer. The B-55 pet dryer offers a two-in-one package, but is slightly stronger than the B-53. This is a type of forced dryer that can be an ideal choice for grooming your pet at home if you don’t want to take it to a professional due to COVID-19.

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