Pet Book Review – The English Springer Spaniel

Pet Book Review – The English Springer Spaniel

All dogs are considered loyal, that’s why we call them man’s best friend. However, some breeds are much more loyal to their owners and smarter. One such breed is the English Springer Spaniel, and their owners really can’t say enough great things about them. They are loyal, great with children, smart, obedient and possibly the best dog a person can own.

Instead of taking my word for it, maybe you’d like to hear what the experts have to say? If so, let me recommend not only this breed, but also a very good book to help you understand this point. The book is:

“How to Raise and Train an English Springer Spaniel” by Robert Gannon; TFH Publications, Inc. 1961. Library of Congress Catalog Card Number; 61-10402.

This book is small but extremely comprehensive as it explains the history of the breed which you will find quite fascinating, right down to how to care for your English Springer Spaniel. These dogs have unique characteristics and carry a solid price for a purebred. And if you like to show dogs, there’s a huge section for that too.

Not only do these dogs love kids, but kids love them because they are so cuddly. Puppies can be a handful, have lots of energy and tend to get into trouble, but with proper obedience training they do well. Fortunately, there’s a whole chapter in this book about that, too. I sincerely hope you will love your spaniel as much as others do, and I hope you will take care of your loving dog as much as the author seems to take care of his. Think about it.

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