Our heavenly guardians

Our heavenly guardians

At the dawn of creation the angels were created. That is why they are called morning stars. There are nine choirs of heavenly beings. They are archangels, angels, thrones, powers, principalities, virtues, dominions, cherubim and seraphim. Among the heavenly choirs of angels are our heavenly guards. They are commonly called our guardian angels. Our guardian angels are wonderful. One can pull down a fortress or overturn multitudes of armies. I have a mighty angel and he is my helper. You have yours too. He is only yours.

Our children are blessings and priceless gifts that we will one day be accountable for. Their destiny is a place in the kingdom of heaven. By God’s will, every child is born on the day it has the best chance of going to heaven. For this reason, everyone has an angel assigned to be with him/her from birth to death, from the manger to the crypt. The duties of these heavenly guardians are to protect and guide us, to lead us in the path of virtue, to protect us from evil, and in every way to bring us back to God virgin and undefiled.

While the saints intercede for everyone here on earth, our guardian angels pray for us first. They inspire good thoughts, protect us from the devil’s arrows, help us fight temptations, protect us in times of danger, comfort us in our pain, enlighten us to the truth when in doubt, and are our help in all our needs .

So parents, teach your children about the dignity and brilliance of their guardian angels. Make them realize the real but invisible presence of their faithful friends, and that all they do is done in the sight of their angels. Tell them that their angels restrain them from evil and exhort them to do good things. Even when the child understands, he should learn these things in life.

Talk to your children’s guardian angels and ask them for help. Pray to the guardian angels of your loved ones and friends for their well-being. These angels will also speak well of you in the judgment of God if you have taken good care of your children.

Saint Bernard reminds us that “God is not content with sending us his Son and the Holy Spirit. Therefore, He gave us His own mother and sent angels to minister to us.”

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