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Not sure if he’s the one for you or not? These tips will help you decide

Not sure if he’s the one for you or not? These tips will help you decide

You are on top of the world as you are in love and feel like everything is bright and the sun is shining around without a hint of a cloud. You are so wrapped up in the wonderful feeling of love that you might miss signs that suggest he is truly the one for you. Look out for signs that say, yes, this time it’s right.

He remembers every little detail

He remembers not only important dates like your birthday, but also small details about you that show he really listened to you. He remembers little things from the conversation he had with you, it means that you are interested in you as a person.

You are at ease with each other

Are you at peace with yourself now that you’ve established your relationship, or do you still feel like you have to impress each other even after six months of dating? If you both feel comfortable and have no qualms about letting your hair down without feeling self-conscious, then it shows that your relationship is sustainable and you’ve found the right man.

You can really communicate

If you can have long conversations with each other and share your beliefs about things that are important to you, your dreams and hopes, and as the relationship deepens you feel like you can talk about anything with him, then there is no doubt that you may have found the man to spend the rest of your life with.

He makes you feel special

He is the one who keeps the romance in your relationship alive and you still feel the rush when you meet, then you are the lucky one who found your man. If he brings you your favorite flowers or makes breakfast while you’re still in bed, it shows that he cares and makes you feel super special.

You feel safe with it

Although you are not a materialist, but it is important that he is financially stable. You need to feel secure in a relationship and one of the deciding factors for this is whether it is financially stable.

There is trust

Without trust, no relationship can survive for long. If you feel like you can trust your man and you don’t need to know where he is every minute he’s away from you, you’ve found your man.

His family friends approve

The way his family and friends treat you reflects his feelings for you. If they have welcomed you with open arms and are warm to you, it shows the positive things they have said about you and that they are happy to have found you.

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