My Dog Walks Me – Tips To Get Your Dog To Stop Pulling You

My Dog Walks Me – Tips To Get Your Dog To Stop Pulling You

Have you ever seen a dog walking its owner? Looks pretty funny huh? Well, maybe a little, unless you’re the one pulling and tugging at your dog. Suddenly it’s not so funny.

Dogs get excited easily and sometimes start to pull. You may be approaching another person and your dog is excited to get to him or her. Remember that dogs are very social and expect a friendly greeting from this person. Then there’s that cat or squirrel and the chase is on. It is a natural instinct for a dog to pull. You have to teach him that you are the dominant one.

There are a few simple steps you can take to control the pull…

When your dog pulls, you:

  • Stop abruptly.
  • Give him a strong verbal command,
  • And a quick tug on his leash.
  • Start walking again once you get his attention.
  • Rinse and repeat as often as needed.

Be persistent. Eventually he will get the message.

Another thing you can do is keep changing your course. It’s hard for your dog to pull in one direction when you keep changing direction. As he continues to change course, he will have to concentrate on those changes.

There was a time when choke chains and collars were used for training. These days they are not favored by most professional trainers. Other types of tracks are available and they are more humane.

Head collars and harnesses are more widely used by trainers. This type of leash allows the owner to control the dog’s head. Think of a horse bridle. If you can control the head, you can control the dog.

Training with a head lead or harness can be very effective in controlling and correcting any pulling, throwing and jumping.

If you are a runner, it is imperative to keep your dog under control, especially if there are others walking the same path. Common obedience commands like “sit,” “stay,” or “down” can also be performed more effectively when you’re in control.

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