My cat’s cataracts were cured with pranic treatment

My cat’s cataracts were cured with pranic treatment

In 2006, I began my journey into holistic care. I had been counseling using traditional modalities for seven years when I came across the concept of a mind-body-spirit approach and wanted to learn more. In mind-body-spirit, the focus is on the whole person, not just one aspect. One year later, I began an intensive study of pranic healing.

Pranic healing is an ancient form of energy healing that unblocks stagnant energy from your “life centers”, removes congestion and adds fresh, clean energy. The facilitator channels energy from the divine source (universe) into the body of the facilitator and into the body of the client. The modality is non-touch, which means working on the etheric body in the auric field and includes gliding movements and energizing techniques. Those who experience a state of pranic healing they feel; moving dials, an electrical charge (like a reset button), waves moving up and down the body, or a tingling sensation (fingers giving you a massage or raindrops). The energy can be felt; cooling and soothing or warm – hot, fuzzy or soft and relaxing. Most people want to sleep. Some of you may experience a combination of the above, and some may feel nothing, but even if you feel nothing, you are receiving energy.

In 2008, my beloved 13-year-old cat, Tazi, was diagnosed with cataracts. I could see that his right eye was completely clouded and his left was translucent. I decided to do a prana treatment and after 3 sessions his eyes cleared up and his cataracts disappeared. In an effort to ensure that the cataracts do not return, I continue to do routine maintenance on Tazzie. I am so grateful that I was able to treat him holistically and help prevent blindness so he could return to his normal lifestyle. He is a very happy, wonderful cat. Energy healing is amazing.

Pranic healing works on people and pets. The healing energy can feel itchy in smaller animals, so it is best, especially with cats, to let them leave the room. Big dogs tend to sit in the same room as the facilitator. When I use healing on pets, I’m actually applying healing from a distance. In distance healing, the facilitator calls the spirit body of the person/pet to the facilitator; that is why the treated person should not be present. The cured will benefit from the treatment.

There are many benefits of Pranic Healing and it works on a multitude of issues to name a few; depression, anxiety, anger, stress, OCD, phobias, injuries, pre and post surgery, cataracts and more. All my healing sessions are Taz approved.

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