Mouse not working? – Use your keyboard to move the pointer

Mouse not working? – Use your keyboard to move the pointer

There will be quite a few people who would face a problem with their mouse at the oddest hour. Any hardware failure will usually require replacing your existing mouse. If you are working on your computer in the middle of the night and your mouse stops working. What would you do if there was no instant mouse replacement? Simple, use your keyboard. Now the question is how do you do it? We will talk about this in the next paragraph

First, you need to clean the mouse, the pad, remove any dirt or grease as you drag and drop the mouse on it many times.

If you use ball mouse, then you need to separate the ball from the mouse and clear all obstacles such as dust and dirt accumulated on the ball and inside the mouse. With some computer knowledge, you can even disassemble the entire mouse and clean it completely.

If optical mouse, then you should check the bottom of it to see if there is something like a piece of tape there. Also, test this mouse on another surface like a piece of paper to see if it can work regularly. If the mouse still doesn’t work, try reinstalling its driver or download some driver tools like Driver Checker to help you figure out the most appropriate mouse driver.

Configure keyboard activation for the mouse pointer:

Just press Windows key + U to open Ease of Access Center. You can also open it by clicking Start, then selecting Control Panel, then selecting Ease of Access, and finally Ease of Access Center.

Start – Control Panel – Ease of Access – Ease of Access Center

Now select the Make the mouse easier to use option in the Explore All tab. Under Mouse Control with Keyboard section, you need to select Enable Mouse Keys.

That’s it, you’re done. You can adjust additional advanced settings such as mouse speed, acceleration, and other factors in the Mouse Keys Setup tab.

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