Metaphysically speaking..Reflecting..My stones are my mind!

Metaphysically speaking..Reflecting..My stones are my mind!

My stones are my sanity. They give me a sense of peace and tranquility. They provide a form of relaxation like mental yoga. The isolation that is my current reality, along with social distancing, has me in a state of exasperation… and I feel so alone.

Those who I thought cared about me are missing from my life. I am here in the world just as my dear friend who recently passed was. His name is David Tucker. Rest in heaven my road dog! lol He always loved making others laugh and was a self-proclaimed comedian! Yet I can’t help but think that you come into the world alone and go the same way!

If he was alive, I would call him right away. Curiously, we never reached an agreement. Rather, we shared a soul agreement. We had a lasting soul agreement for more than 20 years. So life goes on and you can stay in a happy place or move on to another.

Realizing that we are human beings first, let us all move forward with compassion and understanding for those who may be ruthless and only out to win their selfish reward. And let us understand that these people often exist without a true concept of humanity, love, or a spirit of cooperation or sharing.

Many live surrounded by remnants of smokescreens that block clear vision; and relive their lives through a ghetto of haunting memories where inherited psychological trauma wreaks havoc on minds from harsh social injustices and imbalances and the simple act of living.

The world is as if it has been tilted on its axis… or as if it has completed a pole shift, as the Aztec Mayan calendar predicts for the 21st century. Because the world has been shifted and changed dramatically, both alchemically and violently.

Let us not forget nor neglect the universe…the cosmos that dynamically plays a major role in the energy of the planets…and the earth. As we know our mighty Sun, Ra is the giver, sustainer and life force of the earth. Let’s enjoy it every day for healing!

I recently read that we are on the cutting edge of thought. What does this mean for you? Could this mean that we are trendsetters who create the times for future generations and create future worlds? And so it is. In agreement we must join as all in agreement to move forward with decisive momentum while supporting and uplifting all in a sustainable way with love and light.

My stones are my sanity during these terrible times. They vibrate and soothe my soul. They relax my inner being. They propel me forward as I traverse the realms of space and time. Then I am connected to all the compounds and elements of the universe. Atoms, molecules, protons, neutrons, collapsers (dying stars) and black holes… everything… the universe… space.

Interesting and especially if you are familiar with the Sumerian texts and Anunnaki history… The Collapsarians may have forged much of the universe’s gold. That’s according to Google Science News. For more on the history of the Anunnaki, see: Anunnaki 101: The Ancient Gods of Sumer.

These are the places my mind often inhabits as I live a simultaneous multidimensional existence. So comforting. So ruthless. Yet my stones are my center and my sanity! If you feel that you are also stopping on a multidimensional plane, I would love to hear your comments.

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