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Meet the women of the city

Meet the women of the city

Now I know that many men have gone to new places that are completely new to them and are looking for women to hook up with. The best strategy to find women really fast and get some numbers is to just walk around and ask questions. There are many places designated for meeting women, but if you knew, you wouldn’t know them. All you have to do is find local places like malls, grocery stores, etc. to be able to find women. This is not hard to do unless you have very low trust. It’s best to think about the precautions of asking a girl you don’t know. The worst they can say is that they wouldn’t want to go on a date. When you think about it that way, it can help, but anxiety will come naturally in any situation.

The best places to go when meeting women in the city:

1. Grocery Stores – Grocery stores are a good place to meet women as long as you have a good pick up line to use. Usually, introducing yourself is sometimes difficult and picking up cues is helpful.

2. Malls – Malls are usually very busy with women walking everywhere. You can easily approach someone you think is good looking.

3. Places to eat – There are always nice girls at local places like Subway and Burger King that you can approach.

4. Local Shops – Local shops can be a great place to meet women. Small delis and corner stores can be a really easy place to meet them.

5. Walking Out – Walking out and approaching women on the street is the most common way to meet women.

These are just a few places, but they work like a charm. Approaching women is the next thing you will need to be able to do. Approaching women is another issue, but if you remember what I said about taking precautions when asking, it should ease your anxiety. You will have some anxiety to ask, but it will be cut short. The attitude you need to have in order to approach beautiful women is that they are ordinary people.

If you meet an unattractive woman down the street, you may not feel much anxiety because in your mind she is someone you are not interested in. This is the mindset you need when approaching beautiful women. They are ordinary people and approaching them is something that many men do. So you are not the first person to do this and there are other people like you who approach women.

You just have to approach them in a calm but very noisy way. I mean, when she sees you, she should feel that you’re absolutely beautiful and you’re a really nice person. This can be done by making sure you look good and have a lot of confidence. Now, not all women will have the same impression, but there are a lot of fish and we will work on some of them. If you take a chance and try, you’ll have a better chance than not approaching at all. So every chance you get, make sure to take it.

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