Mastiffs are a great family pet

Mastiffs are a great family pet

Mastiffs are a great breed of dog for a pet. I know I have one and it is one of the best pets I have ever had. I know for some people they will find them intimidating because of the sheer size they really grow. I know for me this was a consideration I had to take into account because I have two small babies and several other dogs. However, after I bought my mastiff, I realized that he is one of the best I will ever have. The key thing you’ll need to realize when you have a pet this size is that you’ll need to make sure you really train it for obedience.

I know that some Mastiff owners will agree with this statement, while others will say that their dog listens to them without them being bothered by the behavior. However, for the safety of you, your family and friends then you will want to make sure you have obedience training. Not only that, if you’re ever going to show your pet at dog shows, you’ll want to make sure you have the control over it that obedience training can provide.

Now, if you want to just have your Mastiff as a family pet, you’ll still want to seriously consider obedience training because they are so large. Even if you think they’ll do perfectly well with any animal that’s domesticated, you’ll want to help them learn commands so they know what to do when you tell them.

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