Maltese dog training for owners

Maltese dog training for owners

Have you been looking forward to buying a small dog? Then the Maltese is just the dog you’ve been looking for. Also cited as “Ye Ancient Dog of Malta”, the Maltese get their name from the city where they were first discovered. These dogs have had the reputation of being the most privileged dogs for almost 28 centuries and are therefore dearly owned mainly by members of royal families around the world.

You can appreciate the expensiveness of the Maltese by the fact that they were sold for 2000 dollars even in the 16th century. Training a Maltese is important as an untrained one would be nothing more than an annoying and inferior pet. Therefore, once you have this dog, the next step you should probably look forward to is Maltese training.

Maltese dog owners are usually lucky as this dog responds favorably and quickly to training instructions. The only thing to be careful about is the sequence of the training procedure.

What is so special about Maltese bolognese?

Maltese training is slightly different in many aspects from training given to other dogs. Maltese bolognese are generally calm by nature and do not prefer to exercise or go hunting.

Maltese love socializing with both people and dogs of other breeds and therefore need company on a regular basis. Companionship is the most important aspect of Maltese training and ignorance of this aspect can give way to an anxious nature in these dogs.

Last but certainly not least; make sure you are comfortable with them. Although Maltese dogs are cheerful, they can also be stubborn when you plan to take them for a walk around the neighborhood.

Basics of Maltese learning

While your Maltese puppy is being trained, make sure he is comforted by his mother until he is eight weeks old. With a dog that is sweet and calm, as an owner you need to make sure that you provide all the benefits that your pet requires. For example, you should make sure you spend as much time as possible with your puppy and help him socialize with other dogs until he reaches 3 months of age.

Maltese obedience training

Maltese dogs can be easily trained for obedience. Training should start as early as 10-14 weeks of the puppy’s age. Since Maltese are basically calm and idle by nature, you can’t expect them to perform many tricks during the training period. Although the updated techniques involved in Maltese training are really effective, they require some patience and effort on your part.

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