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Make sure your house smells as fresh and welcoming as your friends’ homes

Make sure your house smells as fresh and welcoming as your friends’ homes

Have you ever walked into other people’s houses and thought that the air there smells nice, fresh and healthy, while at home there always seems to be all sorts of unpleasant smells? Let us try to help your home to be proud too.

Probably one of the hardest places to keep smelling fresh is the kitchen, as a lot of cooking can lead to unpleasant smells.

After you have prepared onions or garlic, you should wash your hands as soon as possible in cold water. Hot water has the opposite effect and makes the smell linger longer.

When the cabbage is cooking, it is good to put a slice of stale bread or add some fresh lemon juice to the water. Both will prevent the unpleasant smell from spreading around.

Cutting boards tend to retain the smell of food that has been cooked on them. Rub coarse salt on a wooden cutting board and then rinse with water, or rub some baking soda into it and then wash thoroughly with soap and water.

Vinegar is very useful for absorbing many odors. Keep some in a saucer on the work surface and the smell will be absorbed and not spread to the rest of the house. It would also help to get rid of the smell of cigarette smoke if people smoke.

If you cooked fish in a pan, put a mixture of boiling water and salt and leave for a while. If you are frying your fish, put a few sticks of celery in the oil. When washing up after a fish meal, a drop of vinegar will remove the smell of porcelain, and a drop of mustard will clean it off cutlery.

Odors can often get trapped in the fridge and you should remember to clean it regularly. There are four things you can try to get rid of them – baking soda, crumpled up newspaper, cat litter or charcoal. If none of these work, sometimes the sterilizing liquid you use in the baby bottle will do the trick.

In the bathroom, you can light a match and let it burn. Make sure it is completely removed before you leave. To keep the smell of mold away from clothes in the closet, throw some bath salts on the floor.

You can now invite your friends over for dinner and your house will be as nice as theirs.

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