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Make Money Blogging Basic Tips

Make Money Blogging Basic Tips

Current blog information is easily accessible. This is especially true if you have access to computers and the Internet. However, this information can be overwhelming and confusing. In this report I have included the latest essential blogging information explaining why it is easy to make money blogging. How to choose your niche market, where is the best platform to create your blog and much more.

Blogs are here to stay and many are taking advantage of the trend. Money making blogs are a popular choice for many home business owners. Blogs are easy to set up and relatively easy to update. This is especially true when you compare blogs to other types of websites. In just a few minutes, you can create a professional looking blog for free and start your blogging business. A blog is an easy-to-update website that looks like a diary. Entries are made at least weekly and the most recent entries appear at the top. Entries are usually short articles of 300 to 500 words. Readers visit the blog or read new entries through a blog reader. Readers can also comment on entries and provide links between their own blogs and yours.

With blogging, the money making opportunities are wide open. Choosing a blog topic is as easy as looking at your own life for inspiration. There are blogs on everything from celebrity news to bathroom cleaning tips. Before you start a blog, do some research on the internet to see if people are interested in your potential blog topic. Your topic doesn’t have to be popular, but there should be a dedicated group of people who are interested in the topic. When choosing a topic, be sure to stay within a relatively small niche. The term niche is used to describe a group of people who have similar interests. There are big niches, like homework, and small niches, like tips for potty training your cat. Try to find a happy medium between a popular topic and an interesting niche so that your blog has a lot of readers. Some topics, like working at home or parenting, are too broad and have too much competition for readers.

You can set up your blog using a free blogging platform such as or There are also half a dozen others to choose from. The blogging platform will guide you through the first login to your blog. I personally find blogger very user friendly and a good place to start experiencing what blogging is all about if you are new. However, you may want to switch to wordpress and host your own blog once you become more experienced, especially when you start making money from blogging. Simply because it is a more stable system. The information you have read so far is essential to making money blogging, please take it into consideration.

Now that you’ve made a few blog entries, it’s time to monetize your blog. This means you will make specific changes to your blog to make money. One of the most popular ways to monetize a blog is by using a contextual advertising program such as Google AdSense or Chitika. Contextual advertising pays you every time a reader clicks on one of the ad links on your page. The advertising program will scan your blog entries for keywords and then place an ad on your page that is related to your page content.

Contextual advertising is just one way to monetize your blog. You can also make product recommendations and offer information products to your readers. Every time someone buys a product you recommend, you’ll get a commission. Many bloggers find that giving gentle product recommendations on their blogs is a way to generate extra income.

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