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Majuli Island in Northeast India

Majuli Island in Northeast India

The incredible northeast corner of India has many hidden treasures in its kitty. Northeast is a land of mystical peaks, verdant valleys, lush jungles and varied and diverse cultures. It is a region of eight charming states namely Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Tripura and Sikkim. These countries are blessed with various unique creations of ‘Mother Nature’.

Assam, located in the heart of Northeast India, has many beautiful things to offer its guests. It is known as the “gateway to Northeast India” and the epicenter of politics in this region. It is the second largest state in northeast India and has fertile land due to the mighty Brahmaputra River. This huge river descends into Assam from southwestern Tibet. Apart from Assam tea and the one-horned rhinoceros, Assam is famous all over the world for Majuli.

Majuli is the largest freshwater mid-river delta island in South Asia and located in the upper reaches of the Brahmaputra River. Majuli Island is known as a biodiversity hotspot and enriched with rare species of flora and fauna. It provides shelter to over 850 different species of birds, freshwater dolphins. It also borders four national parks in the region, which are the wild abode of large populations of elephants, one-horned rhinos and wild buffaloes.

Majuli has a population of 1,50,000 and its main inhabitants are Mishings, Deoris and Assamese Vaishnavites. This wonderland is just 200 km from Guwahati, the state capital and has an area of ‚Äč‚Äčabout 900 sq km. The nearest airport to Majuli is at Jorhat, which is just 20 km away. Majuli is a place of historical importance. For the past 500 years, Majuli has been recognized as the cultural capital of Assam and is also considered to be the cradle of Assamese civilization. It is the center of Assamese Vaishnavite culture and is a repository of rich heritage. Majuli has over 22-24 Vaishnava monasteries or satras namely Kamalabari, Auniati, Dakhinpat, Benegenaati, Shamaguri and Garamurh. These satras played an important role in spreading the religious ideology of the Assamese medieval Vaishnavite saint Sankardeva and his disciple Madhavdeva. Their preaching is known as the Satriya culture.

There is something unique about this island. Every Majuli monsoon changes its shape depending on the rainfall and the mood of the Brahmaputra River. But this does not affect their daily life. For them the Brahmaputra is the river of sorrow as well as the river of hope. All Majulian believes in this famous saying that “nothing happens until it happens”. This shows their patience and strength to cope with any circumstances.

This island is now on the verge of extinction due to the continuous shrinking of its coastline. Environmentalists and social activists from the region came together and started a campaign known as ‘Save Majuli’ to preserve this only river island in India. They are also trying to get it on the World Heritage List because of its unique geographical feature.

So visit at least once this wondrous land that rises from the devastation like a phoenix every year.

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