Loving our children unconditionally is one of the greatest responsibilities as a parent

Loving our children unconditionally is one of the greatest responsibilities as a parent

As a parent, one of our greatest responsibilities to our children is to love them unconditionally and tell them we love them every day. My youngest son told me recently that he thinks I’m the best mom in the whole world because I don’t yell at him and fight with him like other moms do and I tell him and his brother that I love them each day. I felt so honored because I love my two sons unconditionally and with all my heart and he understands and knows that. Do you love your children unconditionally and tell them so every day?

I was watching a popular morning program and a mother was talking about her deceased daughter and her love for her daughter. She told her daughter every chance she got that she loved her, and those were her last words to her. It must be a great comfort that the mother told her daughter before her death that she loved her and the daughter knew it. The greatest encouragement we can give our children is to tell them they are loved unconditionally. It’s easy to say I love you. We love so many things. Do these sayings sound familiar, I love coffee, I love my job, I love my pet, I love—-fill in the blanks. Now that you know we use the word “love” loosely, when you say you love your children, do you show it?

Not only does my son know that I love him, I have justified him by my actions. He said I don’t yell and fuss with him and his brother like other moms do. Yes, I discipline them and teach them manners and how to behave at home and in public places. But I do it in a loving and caring way where they can get what I’m teaching them. I am amazed when I am in a public place and see parents shouting and fussing with their children. I think that doesn’t show your kids love and that you care. We may say it to our children, but our actions speak louder than words.

We are bombarded with so much in our daily lives and we get frustrated, angry, upset and even frustrated. However, when we are at home in the presence of our family and children, what we have experienced during the day should not negatively affect your relationship with our family and children. We project our anger and frustration onto our children and they are not the reason we feel this way. Is it fair that the ones you love and should show love to are the ones you vent your negative feelings to? No, it’s not fair. Our children are our most valuable resources and the more positive emotions you show them, the more developed they become to be productive and successful adults. The more negative emotions you show them, the more problems they will have as adults.

It’s no secret that the relationship a parent has with their children is directly related to their emotions. As a child, I longed for my parents’ love, but rarely received it. As a child I wasn’t told I was loved and I longed for those three words, I love you, from my mother and father. As an adult in a relationship, I want and need to be told he loves me constantly. As a parent, I want my boys to know every day that I love them unconditionally. I tell them I love them all the time. What I lacked as a child, I gain as an adult, and I won’t let a day go by without telling my boys I love them.

Take the opportunity today to tell your children that you love them. Make it a practice to tell them you love them every day. It is even more important that your actions speak love to your children.

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