Lovebirds – how to care for these beautiful pet birds

Lovebirds – how to care for these beautiful pet birds

We have seen beautiful cute little beautiful birds in some pet stores. In which birds in love are the best choice for someone who wants to buy a parrot. Typically, large parrots, such as macaws, can live up to 60 years, while small birds, such as the rare lovebird, can live an average of fifteen years.

If you wish to buy a love bird from any of the pet stores, you must have a good knowledge of birds and bird maintenance. Birds like parrots and lovebirds are not easy birds to keep. Some of the important key factors to keep in mind is that the owner should show special care and dedication towards their pets.

Birds always live in a companion. Few birds as noble as lovebirds and parrots cannot live without the company of others, so the owner should spend at least a few hours of his time with these social creatures, if not, it can affect the birds and cause some problems such as aggression, constant whining and excessive grooming.

It would be better to buy a young lovebird six to ten weeks old because they are hand fed and will be easy to tame and train rather than training parent fed lovebirds

The love bird cage should be designed in such a way that it is large and spacious with several small boxes fixed in the cage with a hole so that it can rest in it.

Even if it can fly freely and stretch its wings, place some toys in the cage to stimulate them. The bars of the cage should be horizontal and there should be several perches located at different levels. Most birds like to bathe. The space at the bottom of the cage can be used for bird bathing.

To keep your bird in good health, especially lovers, it should have some physical activities every day. You can let the birds free in a safe room, keep in mind that all your doors and windows are closed and the room must be free of predators such as cats and dogs. Regular cleaning of the cage keeps the birds in good health, which avoids infections and some bird diseases. Birds are like children, they are very sensitive to smoke, polluted air, cigarette smoke and toxic fumes

Feeding lovebirds on time is important, the owner should feed them a quality mix of parrot seeds and safe foods, such as feeding them plenty of fresh, clean vegetables and fruits. This makes birds feel like food in the wild.

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