Les Miserables – Are you one of them?

Les Miserables – Are you one of them?

The film revolves around 19th century France, Jean Valjean, known as Prisoner 24601, a man who has been unjustly sentenced to nearly two decades in prison, creates a new life while escaping the grip of the tenacious and ruthless police inspector Javert after violating his parole exemption. Then Jean Valjean agrees to take care of the factory worker’s daughter and changes their lives forever.

All in all, the film was truly revolutionary and visually stunning, Les Miserables is not only the most ambitious British film, it is arguably the best. As someone who doesn’t really like musicals, I approached the film with an open mind and expected that the film would be good regardless of the format. Yes, there were moments where there were horrendous scenes where their lines switched between singing and speaking, which made me feel a little awkward, but it’s inevitable that you’ll be immersed as well as fascinated, especially since the singing was filmed on alive, which gives goosebumps and impresses.

Plot-wise, the film is reasonable and understandable. It depicts many instances in life where you have to sacrifice and do something, be it good or bad, useful or not, just to keep living. A dominant theme in the film is the difference between people in social classes, the less fortunate are treated as trash and slaves, while the wealthy are praised and valued. Moving on, one particular scene that I enjoyed the most, or should I say I was completely engrossed in, was with Eponine. The part where she intercepts Cosette’s letter to Marius so Marius doesn’t get it and delivers her dialogue while it’s raining was extremely heartbreaking. The cinematography along with the music was also just right making it more irritating as well as exhausting. Eponine is one of the most loved characters in the musical, she was made to have a more romantic, likeable, likable and relatable portrayal of her character which Samantha Barks was able to portray well. In addition to that, my favorite characters in the movie were the Thénardier couple, even though they weren’t the star of the movie and only had a few scenes in which they appeared, they managed to leave an impression and add some humor to the movie. Another character I admired was Gavroche, his courage and willful heart were extremely remarkable. It just goes to show that no matter what happens, keep the faith and believe.

Taken as a whole, my rating for the movie Les Miserables would be four points 5 out of 5 (4.5/5). Like I said, there were times when I felt uncomfortable with the lines switching from speaking to shrill singing, but it didn’t really matter that much, I still appreciated the movie and was impressed. Les Miserables was two and a half hours just right; it wasn’t too long and nothing felt rushed. Also, the music along with the singing were also catchy and catchy, some even stuck in my head. Also, the actors/actresses managed to portray their characters very well. Les Miserables is another addition to my favorites, not only is it worth watching, but there are many lessons learned along the way. It can be said to be action-packed, gripping, engrossing, inspiring and beautiful. On the other hand, keep in mind that while watching the movie, try to read between the lines as there are hidden meanings and symbolism behind the dialogue which makes the movie more captivating and stunning. Nevertheless, the film is worth watching and I highly recommend it.

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