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Learn to read your dog’s body language

Learn to read your dog’s body language

Understanding and communicating with your dog is a very important element in your relationship. And a major key to this is learning to read and understand your dog’s body language.

Yes, just like humans, dogs also express feelings and desires through their body and knowing how to interpret it is very important and can help in training your dog as well. When observing and studying your dog’s body language, you’ll especially want to look closely at the face (including ears), body, and tail.

A happy dog ​​will wag its tail and its mouth will be open. A confident dog will stand tall, ears up, making strong eye contact. A frightened dog will bow its head, its tail and ears will also be down. A dog busy sniffing around is probably very curious and interested in something… Spending as much time as possible with your dog is crucial to getting to know him. It is also important to observe different situations, different environments and places.

Equally important is your own body language, as your dog reads it and reacts to it. This has a central place in building trust, respect and friendship, as well as in the learning process. You need to show your dog who is in charge, but not in a rude way or by losing control (but don’t go too soft…).

Although everything mentioned above seems very logical and correct, many people do not take the time to really understand their dogs’ body language. By paying more attention to your dog’s feelings, you will definitely be on the right path to great communication and a wonderful relationship.

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