Learn how to protect your POWER!

Learn how to protect your POWER!

Every woman has a BOX and is a vessel that stores your feminine power and energy and envelops your unique talents and abilities in a place of influence and worthy of protection. Your BOX is your power and you need to throw out that old cliche of being told to “think outside the box” and learn how to think inside your BOX! You may know times when you’ve allowed things into your BOX that weren’t good for you, and you need to learn ways to protect your BOX from people who won’t treat it with tender, loving care. This book will show you that every woman has a BOX and many women give their BOX away a lot and it is important that women learn to find healthy, constructive ways to protect their BOX.

What you will learn by reading this essay is that your BOX is capable of amazing things, some of which you may be aware of and some of which may surprise you! This is because your BOX is the core of your very being; a living, breathing microcosm of all the people, places, experiences, likes, dislikes, values, needs, wants, secrets, and passions that make up your true self and that ultimately make up the awesomeness of YOU! Just like your fingerprint, no one has a BOX like yours, because yours is unique and full of everything you’ve ever put in there, good and bad, up to that point in your life.

Each chapter I’ve written will build on the last, first I’ll ask you to hold a mirror up to your BOX to see what you’ve been hoarding all these years! You may find yourself surprised by what’s inside and decide to remove some of that toxic waste by learning to clean out your “Litter BOX”. This is an important step in creating the space for you to begin filling your “JEWELRY BOX” with all those values ‚Äč‚Äčthat make you sparkle and shine! This is when you will learn the true value of your BOX by making better choices that increase your own “worth”. Not only will you learn more about your BOX, but you’ll realize that everyone has a BOX, even men, and uncover strategies for dealing with the “Man BOX!”. This chapter is a must-read for any woman who has a son, brother, significant other, or boss that they will need to understand on a deeper level. If you have ever experienced real trauma to your BOX, there is a chapter to help you with your recovery and healing so you can learn how important it is to truly find ways to “protect your BOX” once and for all! When you finish this book, you can tie your BOX in a big bow because it will be the best gift , which you can give yourself!

You will see that your BOX is capable of so many magical things and you can protect your BOX is your power!

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