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Learn Guitar: Know the fretboard of the guitar well

Learn Guitar: Know the fretboard of the guitar well

Many people play the guitar with varying skill levels but don’t take the time to do so I know the fretboard of the guitar well. To really learn to play the guitar, you need to know the notes of every string at every fret. Many method books lack systematic instruction on this subject. You’ll be a better player by avoiding this common flaw.

There are many approaches you can take to learn the guitar fretboard. By using the following approach, you will become proficient at knowing the notes at each fret and learn the guitar better.


To know the fingerboard well, the first thing to note is that the first seven letters of the English alphabet are the only ones used to name notes (ABCDEFG). These seven letters make up the “musical alphabet”. Notes named with these letters always appear in the same alphabetical order on each string.

In this first step, you won’t be playing anything on the guitar itself. However, to learn guitar, you must prepare yourself to learn the fretboard by repeating the musical alphabet over and over again.

Practice pronouncing these seven letters in order, starting with each letter as the first letter: ABCDEFG; BCDEFG A; CDEFG AB; DEFG ABC; EFG ABCD; FG A B C D E; and Z A B C D E F. Notice that you say the alphabet normally until you get to G; then you have to go back to A. Do this until you get really good at it.

Then learn to do it the other way around: AG FED CB; BAG FED ° С; ° С BAG FED; DC BAG FE; EDC BAG Well; FED ° С BAG; and Z FED CBA. Notice that the words “bag” and “fed” occur frequently when you pronounce the alphabet in reverse order. Taking the time to practice pronouncing these letters backwards and forwards will help you learn the guitar well.


Once you’ve learned to say the alphabet forwards and backwards well, it’s time to learn the up and down notes on each string. To do this, you need to learn the silly saying that teaches you the name of the note for each string is played open. In order from the sixth string to the first string, learn, “Elephants and donkeys grow big ears — EADGB E.” Because it’s both true and silly, it’s easy to remember!

The next step as you learn the guitar is to keep in mind that you always skip a fret when going from one letter to the next on a string, except between B and C or E and F. Think of each string on the guitar as a long series of train cars on a train, and that each letter car always has an empty car between it and the next letter, except between B and C and between E and F. For example, on the sixth string (E) you would play and sound the following notes on those frets: E (0); F (1); I miss; G (3); I miss; A (5); I miss; B (7); With (8); I miss; D (10); I miss; and E (12).

Check yourself as you say and play the notes up and down on each string, making sure you get to the same note on the twelfth fret for the open string as well.


Once you get good at sounding the notes of a given string up and down the string, learn the notes at each fret to get to know the fingerboard even better. Remember that you will only learn the guitar properly if you know the fingerboard well. To do this, use silly sayings to remember the notes across the strings first on two key frets.

For fifth thresholdthe saying is, “Every dog ​​goes crazy eating ants — ADGCE A.” On tenth thresholdit is, “Don’t give cats creams and donuts — DGCFA D.” Now you know that the notes across the frets are also open at frets five, ten, and twelve.

To learn the rest of the frets, you’ll need to remember that not all strings will have notes named by letters on them at a given fret. Such strings will be marked with “()” instead of a letter in this article. In order, the remaining thresholds can be learned as follows:

On first bitethe notes are F () () () C F. Learn, “First, frogs catch flies,” and think of the long tongue of a frog moving from the sixth string through strings five, four, and three to catch a fly on strings two and one.

On second grizzly, the notes are () BEA () (). Think of Opie Griffith on The Andy Griffith Show and spelling his Aunt Bea’s name on strings five, four and three: “Second, Opie’s Aunt Bea.”

For third thresholdthe notes are GCF () D G. Learn, “Three green cows fight the dumb giraffes.”

Frets four and six are easy because there is only one note on each. A lone “B” is on the third string of the fourth thresholdso learn, “Fourth, B on third.”

IN sixth threshold there is a lone “F” on the second string. I study, “Sixth, F on second.”

On seventh thresholdnotes are BEAD () B. Learn, “Seven bears eat and swallow bats.”

The eighth threshold has the notes CF () () GC. I think, “Eight cool fish grow claws.”

The ninth threshold has the notes () () BE () (). I study, “Ninth, be in the middle.”

The eleventh threshold there is no letters on him.

Go over these silly sayings often and practice going up and down each string and across each fret until you learn the guitar properly by knowing the fingerboard well.

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