Landscaping – Retaining walls

Landscaping – Retaining walls

Retaining walls are a very popular way to landscape your building. They can be used to anchor the ground so you can easily create a number of different types of landscape for your garden. They make it easier to prevent erosion, create raised flower beds and even create slopes. If you’re in the market for a landscaped garden, then it’s a good idea to learn all you can about retaining walls.

There are a number of different types of retaining walls, including walls that are secured by gravity, piles, anchors, and even some that are cantilevered. The important thing is that each retaining wall is built to a high quality. They must be strong enough to support whatever it is they are holding back. The earth can be very heavy, so the wall must be as strong as possible.


Retaining walls can be made of large rocks, stone, wood, concrete, steel, stones or bricks. The walls can either be simple or they can be much more complex and intricate designs. They can also be used to create walkways, paths or simply for a swimming pool.

It is much easier to install certain types of walls, including rock walls. They usually form a barrier between certain areas, for example they are used as a barrier between garden beds, fields and forests and many other types of landscape.


When deciding which type of wall to fit, it is very important to first consider the functions you will want the wall to perform for you. You may want to be able to get behind it to trim, in which case certain types of walls won’t be necessary. You may also be building different types of features, including new seating, in which case you’ll need to decide the height you need and the amount of space you need. You can choose between permanent structures or much more flexible structures that can be dismantled and rebuilt somewhere else if needed.

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