Kitten Training – Everything You Need To Know

Kitten Training – Everything You Need To Know

Bringing home a fluffy ball of purrs, also known as a kitten, can be fun and exciting for any family. I know you didn’t forget the cute food bowl with little fish on it so your kitty can dine in style. I know you surely didn’t forget the litter box or the toilet, right? What more could you need?

Well, maybe not. At first, your new kitty carefully sniffed every nook and cranny within reach, ate half the bag of food, and loyally pooped in her new litter box. But you started to notice that your new cuddle monster was starting to invade a little more than you intended.

There may be a few more items you want to consider when overcoming these unwanted feline problems. Trust me; many others have already encountered the need for some basic kitten training tips to improve their new kitten’s behavior.

So how does one go about training kittens when every time they turn around, their new kitten is bouncing off walls, biting their owners’ fingers, jumping on kitchen counters, fighting on the kitchen table, and practicing their claws on your brand new furniture?

Don’t worry, you’re not the first to encounter monster kitty syndrome. To begin your kitten training adventures, you’ll want to invest in a few things. First, you’ll want to save your furniture by purchasing a scratching post. It doesn’t have to be fancy, any scratching post from your local department store will do.

But what if a kitty monster is still destroying furniture? If you catch him red-handed (or pawed, as the case may be), gently rub his paws up and down the scratching post, mimicking the movement he mischievously performs on the furniture. Now pet him and praise him! He did a good job! Now, you may have to repeat many times, but eventually your new family member will begin to understand what you want.

Next, you will need an aluminum box. Fill the box with stones and tape the opening. Now, the next time you catch your kitty in a place he shouldn’t be, perhaps tearing up your newspaper in the kitchen, give the can a good shake. This is harmless to your kitten, but he will learn that when he does something “naughty” he will hear a loud, frightening sound.

One last important thing when training kittens is the question of what to do about kitten bites. If your kitten starts biting and scratching you during play, give him a chew toy instead. A kitten toy like a ball with a bell or a mouse will work well.

It is! You’ve just learned the basics of kitten training. And don’t forget to shower your new kitten with lots of love and praise when he does something good. Positive rewards will make for a much happier companion in the long run. Remember that you two will have many happy years together in the future.

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