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Keep your dogs cool

Keep your dogs cool

The summer season is here and the temperatures are reaching 3 digits. I personally can’t stand the heat, so I wear clothes that are comfortable in that heat. Your dog is wearing a fur coat and can’t take it off like we can. But do they feel hot? Yes, they do. If you touch your dog’s skin, you will feel the heat. There are many ways to keep your dog cool this summer. I actually met a young man with a guide dog and he said his dog Velvet gets hot during his work. He wondered what he could do to cool his dog down.

Here are some methods you can use:

  • You can remove the dog’s fur; it means you can shave your dog
  • You can keep it in an air-conditioned house
  • You can let him swim in your pool to cool off
  • He could play with the sprinkler to cool off
  • Keep it in the shade
  • Don’t tie it up and leave it outside all day
  • Keep plenty of cool water for your dog
  • A new way to cool him down would be to use a cooling bed for a dog bed
  • If your dog is on the move as a guide dog, you can use a cooling vest that he can wear to keep him cool

I would like to describe the dog cooling mat to you so you know what to look for. Your best friend deserves to be comfortable in this summer’s heat. Just like we want to stay cool, your dog can be cool by giving him a cooling dog mat. This mat is made of unique crystals that expand when placed in water. All it requires is a 30 minute soak in cold water and it can be used over and over again. Soaking in cold water will keep your dog cool and soaking in hot water will keep your dog warm in the winter. So this bed can be used all year round and is a good choice for your four-legged furry friend. Modern technology has improved our lives and the lives of our pets.

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