Jack Russell in Austin dies and contacts family

Jack Russell in Austin dies and contacts family

We got a call from Austin Texas. The family’s beloved Jack Russell Terrier recently passed away. They were heartbroken. They had taken him to the vet to be cremated. They entrusted him to the local vet and went home.

Within days, they knew Jerry’s spirit was still very much in the home. At first they thought it was just their grief and sense of loss. But they soon realized that Jerry was trying to contact them. They could hear the familiar sound of him drinking from the bowl of water. They felt it as they jumped on the bed. After finding out that everyone in the family felt it. There were poltergeist type disturbances, noises and visions of Jerry all over the house.

When the family contacted us, they did not know why this was happening. We weren’t sure we could help as we had never tried working with an animal spirit, but the moment I sat down and started focusing on Jerry, Jack Russell’s stubbornness kicked in and the boy had something to say. First, he was very upset that he wasn’t buried in the backyard with the family cat. Second, he was not cremated and wants the family to find out what happened to him.

When I spoke with the family, it was awkward to approach this conversation with them. But I explained that Jerry was unhappy with the way they disposed of him and wanted to be buried in the backyard. We decided to take pictures of Jerry and items he likes and have a backyard ceremony for him.

The family began an investigation and discovered that the vet had not cremated Jerry, but had simply taken the dog to the city dump. Things were quiet for a while. But then Jerry’s activities started again. Sharon again communicates with Jerry, who says that he can’t rest because there are so many other animals that have also not been properly cared for or left to rest.

One evening we sat quietly in a room and called upon Archangel Michael, Saint Francis, and Jerry to help all these lost animal spirits pass. It was amazing how many spirits passed through in the next half hour. This simple yet powerful ceremony gave solace to many troubled souls.

It was a good reminder to all of us that even our beloved animals must be carefully cared for in death. Things are quiet and peaceful today. Jerry hasn’t come back.

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