Is a dog the right pet for your lifestyle?

Is a dog the right pet for your lifestyle?

It can be very tempting to get an adorable puppy a few weeks after its birth, but the timing is not right, it needs to learn a few puppy principles from its mother first. It should be taught respect while breastfeeding. It has to learn who is in charge, and just as the mothers are trained, she trains her puppies. After the first three months, the dog’s true personality is revealed. What happens in these first three months is crucial and it would be wise for the puppy to stay with its mother for this period of time to learn those basic things that only a mother dog can learn.

Is your lifestyle suitable for a dog? If you are away for work most of the time or use your house as a hotel, a puppy may not be suitable for this period of your life, perhaps a cat would be more suitable (if you like cats). All they need is food, water and a litter box and they are good to go, they are also loving but usually only when they need or want something. All dogs need attention, but some need it more than others. Usually, toy dogs like pugs, poodles or shih tzus are more suitable for people who are retired or stay at home. Of course, they can be loving to a person who has to work, but the best environment is when the owner is always nearby. Other dogs can last an afternoon without their master, but not too long because they are still a dog. They’ll be over-excited when the owner finally comes home and you’ll see that your four-legged companion has gotten into a lot of things he shouldn’t have gotten into!

When there are children in the house, the bull terrier may not be the dog you want because it is territorial and a natural fighter. Must be trained with children while a puppy. But the Shetland Sheepdog can be your ally; it loves children because it naturally likes to herd sheep, and this quality will be used in children as well. If you live in an apartment, an untrained Scottish Terrier will not make you popular with your neighbors. Constant barking will quickly become a nuisance, especially if you have a neighbor who works at night and sleeps during the day. But if you are a jogger, you can exercise with a hound, although they like to chase fast-moving creatures, they are very gentle pets and are generally calm.

Whether your lifestyle is farming, or running, or maybe you have kids, it’s best to have a dog that will fit your lifestyle, because ultimately you want it to be a wonderful experience for you and your pet.

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