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Introducing a new cat

Introducing a new cat

Bringing a new cat into the home can be a scary thing, not only for your new cat, but also for the other cats that already live there. Throwing them all together and expecting them to be friends won’t work. Nor will it keep them apart forever in the house. The key is time and patience, and cats will almost always figure it out eventually.

When you bring a new cat home, it’s best to create a room where they can be confined to begin with. The room should have enough room to walk around and have a litter tray, water, food, a bed and a few toys. Let your other cats stay in the house as usual so you don’t upset what they already know. Then each day make several trips to the room where your new cat is and cuddle and play with them. The idea of ​​the first week is simply to settle your new cat into their new home. Make sure you still pay attention to your other cats by playing with them and cuddling them.

After a week or so, let your new cat out for a few hours during the day or evening under your supervision with the others. Never keep them all in an enclosed space as if a fight breaks out more damage can be done as there is less room for them to get away from each other. One way to get them to interact without them realizing they are playing together is by playing with all of them with toys. It takes their mind off who they are with. If things get a little dicey, just put your new cat back in his room, cuddle him, and try again the next day. The same goes for cats already in the house…don’t forget to cuddle them.

You should slowly find that over the next few weeks they start tolerating longer and longer. During this stage, however, you should never leave them alone by leaving the house. Not only could one of your kitties get hurt, but you could find yourself with a vet bill for treatment that is unnecessary as it didn’t need to happen!

After a few weeks, you should find that your cats have bonded enough to be able to be together all the time. It may take a little longer, you may find they bond a little faster, but either way, just be patient, don’t yell at your cats, and give them time to understand.

You will soon find that you have some very happy cats as they realize they have new friends.

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