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Interesting hotel adventures

Interesting hotel adventures

Have you stayed in a hotel recently?

Did something interesting happen?

Today you all will come with my husband and I to stay in hotels during the pandemic.

You are parents/grandparents with children and pets.

We just arrived in Melbourne, Florida to stay at our hotel

You have your children and pets, we have our cat Lily with us.

Before we move in –

You know how it works”- Spray all areas with Lysol Disinfectant Spray!

-One parent will remain outside the room with the children, pets and luggage while the other parent is armed with “Lysol disinfectant spray!”

You and I spray our hotel rooms with our Lysol spray:

All doorknobs, all bathroom parts, all kitchen parts, countertops, beds, closets, hallways, chairs, sofa, TV remote control, phone in the room and gently with a soft cloth with disinfectant on it, wipe the light switches, gently.

You and I notice under the bed…

Homeless pills—–which we take out and put in a plastic bag, then spray the place!

Next to the mini fridge we notice –

Gummy bears—–which we also took out and put in our plastic bag. Then we spray the area with more Lysol.

Then, after waiting a few minutes for the Lysol disinfectant spray to dry, we bring in our spouses, children, pets, and luggage.

When we brought Lily into our room, she looked around, sniffed, and stood by the connecting door—

letting us know there’s a neighbor’s pet next door.

When she’s happy, she purrs, and when she’s scared, her ears go back and she squeaks.

She stood patiently by the door and a dog barked!

She squeaked!

Who are your neighbors in the hotel?

Do they have pets and children?

“This reminds me of when my husband and I were on our honeymoon and we stayed at a hotel that changed the sheets every day”…


At every hotel you travel to with your family, kids and pets, you’ll have a new adventure from what you’ll find at Yours hotel room!

Earlier this year you and I, our spouses, children and pets were visiting Kansas City, Missouri and arrived at our hotel.

As usual our spouses, children, pets and luggage were waiting outside the hotel for you and me to –

You know the drill!

Spray Lysol disinfectant spray, on all doorknobs, all bathroom areas, all kitchen areas, countertops, beds, closet, hallways, chairs, couch, TV remote control, room phone and gently with a soft cloth with disinfectant on it wipe light switches, carefully.

When we went to spray the couch,

You and I noticed behind this…

“homeless pair of red high heels”.

After removing the high heels, – we sprayed the area with Lysol.

Within minutes we were ready to move into our hotel rooms with our husbands, children, pets and luggage.

When you first move into a hotel with your family, kids and pets, what 3 things you need to remember to do?

1) You know the drill: Spray Lysol Disinfectant Spray – on all doorknobs, all bathroom areas, all kitchen areas, counters, beds, closet, hallways, chairs, couch, TV remote, phone in room and gently with a soft cloth with disinfectant on it carefully wipe the light switches.

2) Remove any stray dangerous toxic substances such as pills and gummy bears to protect your family, children and pets from swallowing them. Next, spray Lysol around and under the bed, refrigerator, and microwave.

3) Remove any stray items like the previous guest’s red high heelsthen spray the area with Lysol and return the red high heels to the hotel front desk.

After waiting a few minutes for the Lysol disinfectant to dry-

get your spouses, kids, pets and luggage into your hotel rooms.

It’s always an adventure to visit a hotel, even more so during this pandemic. Keep calm while spraying your Lysol to protect your family!

Remember the workout!

Spray the hotel room with lysol – let it dry –

before your family and pets come in to protect them!

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