Information about the Wildcat Codex

Information about the Wildcat Codex

Leopardus Guigna Kodkod is often spelled Codcod and is alternatively called Guiña, Hûina or Huiña. The rare cat bears a close resemblance to Jeffrey’s cat and the Pampas cat, and is considered by some to be a subspecies of the former.

Coloration ranges from yellow to gray-brown with dark spots and stripes common on the body and limbs. The belly and underside are usually white, although all black specimens are often recorded. The tail is short and ringed. The paws are large and the head is short and broad, proportional to the size of the cat’s body.

As with many of the small, elusive wild cats, detailed information on behavior and hunting is lacking for the Kodkod. However, it is known to be nocturnal and a good tree climber. During the day it is believed to rest on trees and on the ground. Some reports suggest that it is not a solitary cat and may have a social lifestyle like that of lions. Predators include small rodents, insects and birds. Larger male Kodkods are known to hunt poultry in areas where human settlements are close to the wildcat’s domain.

Codcod lives in the mountainous regions of Chile and Argentina in South America. It lives in dense rain forests, preferring to stay near water bodies.

Two subspecies are recognized, which differ in their geographical location and physical appearance:

Leopardus Guigna Guigna – Southern Chile and Argentina

Leopard Guigna Tiger – Central Chile

Gestation lasts about two and a half months for the Kodkod, after which an average of two babies are born. Lifespan is known to be up to eleven years.

Their numbers in the wild are not well known, although it is understood that the cat is quite rare and is constantly threatened by habitat destruction.

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