Influenza, RSV and COVID continue to burden the healthcare system

Influenza, RSV and COVID continue to burden the healthcare system

FAYETTEVILLE, NC — In the season of spreading holiday cheer, experts say we spread much more.

Our healthcare system is being tested again; This time there are three diseases behind it.

The flu hits hard – the number of cases across the country is more than ten times higher than at this time last year. There is also concern about RSV.

And another virus that we have been fighting for years.

“Covid is still in the background, but it’s not gone,” said Dr. Jose Cabanas.

dr. Cabanas is Wake County’s chief medical officer; He worries that all these diseases together could overwhelm our health care system – from emergency medicine to emergency room.

“When we have capacity challenges in the health care delivery system, the priority is to ensure faster treatment of life-threatening and more acute emergencies,” Cabanas said.

For other medical issues, the waiting time may increase.

Health experts say the rapid spread is occurring as many of us relax the precautions we previously took around COVID – and as we start to gather together again.

But Cabanas said there are things you can do to protect yourself.

“Get your flu shot, be aware of your contacts,” Cabanas said. “Wash your hands, don’t touch your face. Be sure to get your covid vaccination.”

The same advice comes from the White House.

“The most important thing you can do to prepare for your holidays is to get your updated covid vaccine,” said First Lady Jill Biden.

Another way to take the pressure off our local health system – go to a hospital emergency department if you are at high risk or have symptoms that worry you; Other visits can be made by a primary care physician.

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