I am looking for asthma treatment

I am looking for asthma treatment

Asthma is a chronic inflammatory disease in the form of airflow obstruction. Most people experience this condition at an early age due to allergic reactions. The symptoms usually disappear as the person gets older, but unfortunately some still have them into adulthood. Below are some guidelines you can follow to manage asthma.

Signs and symptoms

You can tell if a patient has asthma by persistent wheezing, shortness of breath, chest tightness and coughing. These signs are strongly manifested during intense activities and exposure to cold air in the morning or evening. Some may not even experience these symptoms unless they are exposed to substances that cause airflow obstruction. It can also be an underlying condition of an overt illness such as acid reflux, sinusitis, and sleep apnea.

Causes of the condition

A number of factors can trigger asthma. Keep these factors in mind, as they can tell about the severity of the condition and possible treatments:

– Environment: The most common victims of these aspects of the environment are children. Simple exposure to air pollutants such as carbon monoxide can cause symptoms. Particles of hair from pets such as cats, dogs and birds can also initiate the condition. Some perfumes can be in the form of allergens that cause asthma.
– Hygiene: Similar to what causes colds and coughs, bacteria and viruses can also lead to asthma symptoms. Reports also say that antibiotics can lead to asthma because significant amounts can prevent the immune system from fighting certain germs that can cause the condition.
– Heredity: Recent studies show that genetic makeup also contributes to the cause of asthma. Patients are born with asthma, but there are only certain genes that make them susceptible to environmental irritants and pollutants.
– Previous illness: A history of allergies that may have occurred in the past increases a person’s chance of developing asthma symptoms. Obesity can also cause the condition, as a common side effect of it is shortness of breath.

Knowing these factors can be a stepping stone to getting the right asthma treatment.

Known treatments

Because of the variety of asthma medications available, some patients get confused about which to buy. You should know that asthma medications come in two types. The first is a “controller” type. Patients can take these medications every day to prevent asthma symptoms and attacks. The second is the “quick relief” type. Asthma sufferers can take this medicine during an attack and eliminate the symptoms. When you want to buy one, ask the pharmacist about the specific type you want.


Patients can avoid asthma attacks if they recognize the symptoms right away. It is true that asthma is incurable, but sufferers can learn to manage it. Lifestyle changes are important in managing the condition. Avoid asthma stimulants such as allergens, tobacco smoke, carbon monoxide, and sulfite-containing foods. Maintain hygiene in the house for maximum deterrence of the condition. You can also ask your local doctor about long-term asthma medications

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