How you and your pet can benefit from dog obedience training

How you and your pet can benefit from dog obedience training

Your little (four legged) bundle of joy. Your furry friend. Your best mate. Whether you live alone or with your own family, a dog is a welcome addition to any household. Dogs are called man’s best friend because they have the uncanny ability to pick up human emotions and seem to know which gesture to make to humans.

For many dog ​​owners, their pets’ big eyes and wagging tails are reason enough to forgive any little mischief they do. However, one of the main mistakes people make when it comes to pets is treating them like people. Of course, pets deserve love and affection along with nutritious food and plenty of exercise, but smothering them with affection is only part of the equation. To ensure that your pet is disciplined, it is necessary for him or her to undergo dog obedience training.

Every dog ​​is unique. While some breeds have boundless energy and are stubborn, some breeds are docile and eager to please their humans. However, a dog’s specific breed is only a general guideline for its temperament. In general, a dog’s personality is a combination of nature (the traits of its breed) and nurture (the combination of affection and discipline).

Dog trainers have different philosophies when it comes to training pet dogs, but enrolling your pet in obedience classes can benefit both you and your dog. Most pet owners are fascinated by the cuteness of their puppies, which allows them to get away with unwanted behavior such as jumping on people, chewing on shoes and furniture, or stealing food. The problem arises when your pet has outgrown their cuteness and the problem becomes a nuisance or worse, dangerous behavior.

By enrolling your pet in an obedience class, you nip your pet’s bad habits in the bud and reinforce good ones. At the same time, you establish a stronger bond with your pet. This is also the perfect opportunity to socialize your furry friend with other dogs and people. Socialization is important, especially among puppies, as it can minimize aggressive behavior towards other animals and people.

There is no set age at which your dog should be trained. While it is ideal to begin obedience training for your pet when it is still a puppy and has a more flexible demeanor, older dogs can benefit from senior dog training. This type of class is especially helpful if you have decided to rescue a dog instead of buying a new puppy. The problem with acquiring a rescued dog is that it may have picked up unwanted behaviors from its previous owner. By taking an adult dog training course, you and the trainer can correct unwanted behaviors while further establishing your bond with your new pet.

At the end of the day, dogs are animals. If you let them, their instincts will take over. This can lead to embarrassing behavior or worse, it can endanger guests and loved ones. As a pet owner, it is your responsibility to train your dog.

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