How To Turn Your Best Friend On – Make Her Sexually Attracted To You!

How To Turn Your Best Friend On – Make Her Sexually Attracted To You!

Trying to turn your best friend on might seem like a crime, but I know you’ve thought about it many times (otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this article), so to end all your torment, I’m going to tell you , that it’s definitely and understandably normal to start lusting after your best friend – and to make her feel the same way. When things start to get a little out of hand, you start to feel more than just that little flip back in your stomach or that rush of warmth inside you when you see her smile – you start to feel sexually attracted to her. So before you start dreaming about kissing and making out with her, let’s get down to business first – before that there are some hot techniques on how to turn on your best friend – and finally make it all happen !

  • Watch a romantic movie together. Romantic movies are feel-good and never fail to make your heart skip a beat – especially when you’re with a special someone. Ask her to go watch one with you – either in the dark cinema or you can relax on your good old couch. After that, there is plenty of time to have fun with her.
  • Have long interesting conversations. Having a good topic is a great thing, it will extend your conversation and you will have a very good interaction with each other. What’s more, women like to be intellectually stimulated before they’re in the mood for something much more naughty.
  • Tell her she’s getting prettier. Compliments are a good way to charm a woman – even if she’s already your friend. If you haven’t tried it before, then definitely start soon. She will see you in a different light and become more conscious of being more beautiful every time she is with you.
  • We hold hands. Now, this can be a pretty tough move, especially if you’ve been calling each other friends and you’ve practically made her feel like “one of the guys.” Also, have perfect timing – when things get a little romantic for both of you, try to hold her hand – and hold yours as long as she holds it there too.
  • Always stay close to her. Always make her feel safe when you are together. Be a little more protective than usual and it wouldn’t hurt to show a little of your gentlemanly side – it would totally make her brain wonder why you’ve suddenly changed your mind – and she might just start to realize how she really feels about you too you!

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