How to Train Golden Retrievers Fast

How to Train Golden Retrievers Fast

You can learn how to train golden retrievers relatively easily by following the ideas in this article. That is why we have a tendency to create this article. The recommendation in this article are the basics that will make training much easier and make it easier for you to enjoy your dogs company much more.

Let’s get started with training your Golden Retriever…

Why you need to know how to train golden retrievers

Most dog owners assume that their Goldens don’t need training because of their friendly demeanor. We’ve all thought this way as a result of Golden Retrievers are probably the best friendly dog ​​available. Unfortunately, your dog has the basic instincts that all dogs have and will therefore become cruel and aggressive if not trained.


Although not recognized as aggressive dogs, Golden Retrievers will be quite the aggressor if not trained. We tend to remember that they are dogs by nature and if we tend to fail to train them, they revert to what they know best, which is instinct.

Separation anxiety

Another common disadvantage due to lack of training is separation anxiety. This can be caused by the owner trying to compensate for the lack of training by giving the dog excess love. When that love is gone, the dog doesn’t know what to do and may begin to show symptoms of anxiety.

These symptoms will range from mild to very severe. In the worst ending, your house will become the target, which is not what we tend to want!


This is often obvious, yet few people underestimate how many problems they can encounter if they do not train their Golden Retriever.

If not trained, your dog will think he is the master and won’t hear you at all. If you try to command your dog from this follower position, your dog will undoubtedly show aggression!

This calls for change….

How to train golden retrievers

The most vital thing you can do as a homeowner is to exercise your authority among your household. Your golden wishes to understand that you are in charge before you start issuing commands or starting a training program. To help you do this, we have created a list of things to do below to get your dog to follow you:-

Entering and leaving the home

Whenever you enter or leave your home, completely ignore your dog. This will teach them that they don’t get attention when they want it, but only when you want to give it to them.

Meal time

Set times each day when you can feed your Golden Retriever. This can be a huge change from having them decide when to eat and will make them know who is the leader!


Don’t let your dog decide when he wants to go for a walk by wagging his tail. You set aside hours each day to do what puts the power back in your hands.

House boundaries

It is also vital to have boundaries in the house that must be enforced at the slightest moment. If your dog thinks he’s in charge, then your golden is much more likely to sleep wherever he wants and jump on the furniture. But setting boundaries can stop this behavior.

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