How to train fleas

How to train fleas

How to train fleas in 20 minutes.

Zig Ziglar tells a story in one of his books called See You at the Top. He teaches you how to train fleas.


How to train these tiny little creatures that tend to cause problems for many pets.

You see it conditions them.

To train fleas, you place a few fleas in a jar with a lid on the jar. The fleas, of course, will start jumping, repeatedly hitting the lid in an attempt to escape.

Wait about 20 minutes. The fleas are getting tired of banging their heads on the lid of the jar.

They just give up and won’t jump as high anymore.

Once they get used to the fact that if they jump too high, they will hit their heads on the hood. You can remove the lid and the fleas will continue to jump at the same height without escaping the jar.

Fleas BELIEVE they can’t escape the jar, they stop trying. They believe they will hurt themselves again and hurt their heads even though the lid of the jar is no longer there. They don’t even bother to look up to see if the lid of the jar is over them afterwards. They just form a belief and from that point on they will never jump that high.

LOOK! If we can even train fleas, then we can certainly train YOU in a dating workshop!

Oh, wait. . .

But aren’t you a flea?

This is good.

You can think and work on yourself in the same way.

How many times have you hit the hood when trying to achieve a new goal?

Have you stopped to look up and see if the cover is still there? This refers to your dating beliefs about what you can and cannot do. However, this more importantly applies to anything in your life that is holding you back.

Work on yourself and question things that may not be the most helpful. If someone else can do something, so can you.

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